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What To Expect

Work Directly with Dr. Alicia Holland

You get a chance to work directly with Dr. Holland.

She will actually be in the room to support you.

When working with Dr. Holland, she has a down-to-earth, no-sugar coating coaching style with boatloads of experiences to help you on your tutoring journey.

My role is to empower you to move forward with your goals to MANIFEST your dreams.

Experience Powerful Connections

We are about building LONG-TERM Relationships.

You will get to meet some SERIOUS tutors and tutor business owners who are willing, ready, and able to collaborate with you.

You will learn the POWER of being connected with like-minded powerhouses, like yourself.

The Focus is on YOU!

We meet in the morning at 9AM and spend the day working together on ANYTHING that you want to talk about related to our Mastermind.

This is NOT a day filled with presentations and instructions.

This is YOUR chance to pick Dr. Holland’s brain for as long as you like about YOUR project and get to meet other serious tutors and tutor business owners.

We are about building LONG-TERM Relationships.

The bottom line is that we spend quality time together to focus specifically on YOUR projects.

Our Mission & Who We Are

The Tutor Outreach Group is dedicated to reaching out to help tutors worldwide. We provide innovative, data-driven, and consumer-focused services and products to help you become a better tutor, start your own online tutoring business, and expand your tutoring business practice.


The Tutor Outreach Group is a professional organization for tutors, teachers, college students, and other small business professionals who want to:

* Start either a home-based tutoring business or tutoring company.

* Get clients to grow their tutoring business.

* Improve their tutoring repertoire.

* Gain insight into leading and hiring for a learning organization.

* Strategically grow their tutoring business based upon their own life purpose.

We’ve helped hundreds of tutors around the world get their tutoring business off the ground.

Over the course of fifteen years, Dr. Holland has taken her knowledge of tutoring and partnered with us to help hundreds of tutors all over the world. Tutors that come to us with a vast amount of experience learn firsthand how to move their tutoring practice from good to great.

The Feedback about Working with Dr. Holland

“Dr. Holland has helped me relaunch my tutoring business the right way. I have benefited greatly from the wisdom of Dr. Holland.

The Tutor Outreach Group and Dr. Holland’s Tutoring Resources have been a major help in expanding and operating my In-Home tutoring business”

Rommel BaptisteRJB Educational Services (New York City)

“Dr. Holland has done it again! I have enjoyed her first two books in the series and asked myself, “Can it get any better?” Actually it does! Thank you Dr. Holland for being a thought leader in the tutoring industry and making yourself available to help your colleagues. After attending her Mastermind, I had to rethink some of my operational practices, improve my system, and actually started looking into hiring a lawyer to better protect my tutoring business. Highly recommend whether you are new to tutoring or a veteran in the industry.”

Shirley LewisPrivate Tutor

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